Empowering Entrepreneurs

Elevating Entrepreneurs

We invest in the West Midlands’ most ambitious founders, fostering collaborations across the region to help creating a fertile environment for growing innovative early-stage businesses. Together we can take the West Midlands to the next level.

With Midven, you get a partner who empowers you. You get help to build and grow your business. We offer you more than money; our approach is hands-on, and you get the support and expertise you need, every step of the way.


Our Funds

Investing In The Most Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Midven currently manages a range of funds representing over £110m. Each fund has specific investment criteria but are all focused on early-stage businesses and SMEs.

  • Our Funds - Midven

    The Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF)

    Through the MEIF, we provide capital of up to £2m for businesses with high growth potential across the West Midlands.

  • The West Midlands Co-Investment Fund (WMCO)

    With the WMCO, we support innovative businesses with equity of up to £1m, helping you expand and grow the region’s companies of the future.

  • Legacy Funds

    Since our early beginnings, we’ve supported growth in the Midlands. See our legacy funds and their impact here.

What We Look For

If you have a well-developed proposition and vision and a talented management team, we want to hear from you. To us, risk is opportunity – we embrace it. We focus heavily on the positive aspects and see possibilities where others may see challenges.

We want to work with businesses with high growth potential that can help supercharge the regional economy. While we’re sector agnostic, we have proven expertise in scaling up companies in technology and SaaS.

  • Based in the West Midlands

  • Revenue generating

  • Fast growing SME

  • Requiring up to £1m in an initial funding round

How To Get Funding

The first step in your funding journey is to ensure you have a solid pitch deck that shows exactly what your business is about and its potential. We’re always looking for exciting, innovative entrepreneurs so give us a call or fill out our investment form to discuss your company and options.

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Interested in investing alongside Midven? We want to foster collaboration across investment options throughout the West Midlands and create a fertile environment for growth. Help power up the region.