FlashAcademy Foreign Language Learning App by FlashSticks Launches World’s First Object Translator

Flashsticks app26 July 2016

The trend of language learning moving online shows few signs of slowing as FlashSticks, creator of the popular foreign language Post-it® Notes, launches its new ‘all-in-one’ language learning app, FlashAcademy™. FlashAcademy is now available in French, Spanish and Italian on iOS andAndroid; German and English will be available soon.

FlashAcademy boasts of the world’s first object translator – enabling users to point their phone at any object to translate it into more than 40 languages.

Users can point the app at a coffee cup and can read the Spanish translation — “taza de cerámica blanca”– and hear the pronunciation by a native Spanish speaker. The object translator works using a unique combination of object recognition and translation technology. The app also incorporates the latest augmented reality technology to deliver virtual native speaker videos on demand and a variety of adaptive learning technologies to create a unique learning environment for each user.

The comprehensive language app also includes hundreds of short 10-minute interactive language lessons and a series of fast-paced word games to re-affirm learning. The goal of the app is for learners to continually “graduate” to new levels as their language fluency develops.

FlashAcademy key features:
+ Hundreds of addictive five-minute interactive language lessons
+ Scan and instantly translate objects around you
+ Native speaker tutor videos
+ Fun word games — challenging for all ages
+ Instructive flash cards
+ Progress tracking with leaderboards

Learning Labs, the company behind the new FlashAcademy app also developed FlashSticks, a range of language Post-it Notes that were developed with multi-national 3M to support immersive learning. Millions of these FlashSticks language Post-it Notes have now been produced and are being used by learners all over the world. The FlashSticks’ product range is stocked by major retailers, bookstores and online re-sellers. To build the new app, Learning Labs secured $1m in funding from the venture firm Midven, angel investors and grant funding.

“The FlashAcademy app is like having your very own language school in your pocket, wherever you are,” said Veejay Lingiah, CEO of FlashAcademy. “People today are learning on the go and in a variety of ways and so FlashAcademy brings both accessibility and multiple learning techniques into one place. At its core, we know that learning needs to be both a fun and engaging experience and that’s why we’ve pushed technology to its very limits inside the app.”

“Science tell us that the more engaged we are when learning and the more we can be pushed to recall our new knowledge in a variety of ways, the more powerfully we’ll remember. This is how FlashAcademy has been designed to help learners – encouraging them to learn and recall language in a variety of stimulating ways. We’re very excited by the potential of what this new platform can do to help anyone that wants to improve their language skills.”

The app is suitable for all ages, from young children through to adults seeking to develop their language skills later in life.

The platform is also being adopted by a host of UK schools, including high-achieving West Midlands school Shireland Academy. Head teacher Sir Mark Grundy, who was knighted in 2006 for his work running schools, commented: “At Shireland we seek out the very best resources that our students can use to improve their knowledge and skills. The FlashAcademy app is a great example of this and we’re excited that our pupils will be using the platform both inside and outside the classroom to develop their German language skills.”

FlashAcademy is free to download on iOS and Android devices.

View the FlashAcademy video.

FlashAcademy press kit with company images, screenshots and logo.

About FlashAcademy
FlashAcademy™ is a new iOS and Android app developed by Learning Labs, a venture-backed start-up based at the Innovation Birmingham Campus. The app combines a host of features including the world’s first object translator in 40 languages, native speaker tutor videos, interactive language lessons, engaging word games, flashcards, grammar and culture tips,and the The app is free to download on App and Google Play stores, with subscription plans starting at £2.99 per month. FlashAcademy is perfect for all ages and all language proficiencies. For more information, please visit http://www.flashacademyapp.com.

Learning Labs is also the creator of FlashSticks, a range of language Post-it Notes, developed in collaboration with multinational, 3M. The printed Post-it Notes, millions of which have now been produced, are designed to support immersive daily learning. FlashSticks are available in French, Spanish, Italian, German, English and BSL and can be purchased on FlashSticks’ site, Amazon, Waterstones and other outlets. Packs start from £4.99. More at http://www.flashsticks.com.