Kenilworth Firm Doubles Workforce As It Plays Key Role in Readying Cars For The Future

Aeristech1st October 2015

An innovative Kenilworth company has developed groundbreaking clean technology which will help automotive manufacturers dramatically reduce emissions levels and improve engine efficiency.

The success of Aeristech’s patented technology has helped the company to double the size of its workforce in the past six months. Aeristech has worked closely with automotive component suppliers and major technical development and research centres at the heart of the UK’s automotive industry for the past nine years to develop, test and validate the technologies. They not only use the West Midlands supply chain, they have created high tech jobs – helping boost the region’s economy.

Now the company, which has received backing from venture capital specialists Midven and other private investors, is set for further growth.

Aeristech has developed electric supercharger and turbocharger technologies to tackle two of the biggest problems facing automotive manufacturers – emissions levels and fuel efficiency.

The 2021 European legislation targets state that CO2 emissions from cars must be reduced by 40 per cent.  Emission regulations worldwide are also moving in the same direction. Fuel efficiency to reduce running costs and better use limited resources is also now a key driver.

To address these issues, the automotive industry typically downsizes its engines but has encountered difficulties as users expect the same performance.  Turbochargers are commonly used when downsizing engines to boost the engine’s power.  Traditional turbocharged engines, however, suffer limitations such as “turbo lag” – the delay from when a driver steps on the accelerator until the boost from the turbocharger delivers extra power from the engine.

Aeristech’s advanced boosting solutions provide solutions to these problems. Their clean electric supercharging and turbocharging technologies enable greater engine downsizing (60 per cent or more), reduce CO2 emissions, enhance engine efficiency and satisfy end-customers by improving vehicle performance through the elimination of turbo-lag. Compact and requiring minimal changes to the engine and vehicle design, their plug and play solutions are priced in line with market expectations.

Aeristech’s CEO and founder, Bryn Richards, said he was proud to head up a “forward-thinking company, which is very aware of the market potential”.

“At Aeristech, we’ve developed the latest technology to maximize an engine’s power, fuel economy and performance at a low cost.  In an industry dominated by big players, our small, pioneering company has the entrepreneurial and technical know-how to both influence and take a share in this emerging market. Our most recent award by the UK Business Angels Association (UBAA) for the Best Investment in Eco Innovation 2015 further validates that we are on the right track.  With the financial and business support from our investors, we’re now ready to license our technology to Tier 1 automotive suppliers and we encourage these suppliers as well as any other potential investors to enter this huge market opportunity with us.”

Potential investors would receive a range of attractive tax benefits as Aeristech is recognised by HMRC as an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) company.

He added that demandcontinued to rise worldwide as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) were increasingly putting pressure on their suppliers for competitive solutions that would help them meet environmental regulations. “This demand provides a tremendous opportunity for Tier 1 suppliers to deliver fuel-saving products such as Aeristech’s.”

About Aeristech Limited

Aeristech Ltd was founded in 2006 to develop full electric turbo technology, a concept developed and created by the company’s founder, Bryn Richards.

Aeristech which is based in Kenilworth, has revolutionised the technology of turbochargers by solving the previous problem of turbo-lag, the pause between depressing the accelerator and the turbocharger kicking in, thus allowing manufacturers to downsize engines without decreasing performance.

 Its innovative electric motor control technology which includes full electric turbocharging, electric supercharging, and fuel cell compressorsreduces carbon dioxide emissions and increases engine efficiency and power.  All use the company’s patented electric motor which is the most power dense variable speed motor in the world.

For more information, please visit or contact Bryn Richards  01926 258422.