Why Co-investment is Important for Startups in the West Midlands

Why Co-investment is Important for Startups in the West Midlands

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    1. The Broken Funding Ecosystem
    2. A Collaborative Investment Solution
    3. Assessing Startup Leadership for Growth
    4. A Proactive Path Forward

In the heart of the West Midlands, a region brimming with untapped potential, lies a critical challenge: a fragmented early-stage support and funding ecosystem. While the West Midlands boasts a wealth of exciting, high-growth businesses, the shortage of equity funding threatens to stifle their progress. According to the British Business Bank’s 2023 Equity Tracker, the West Midlands ranks as the third worst-performing region in the UK in terms of equity deals concentration. However, hope is on the horizon in the form of the £25 million West Midlands Co-Investment Fund: a pioneering initiative set to transform the regional funding landscape.

The Broken Funding Ecosystem

The vitality of any startup community hinges on the availability of equity funding. It fuels a positive cycle where high-growth businesses, supported by agencies, become investment ready, leading to increased financing and subsequent growth. The interplay between high-growth enterprises and supporting agencies initiates a positive cycle in the startup ecosystem. Guided and equipped by these agencies, businesses are primed for investment. With a solid plan, compelling value, and viable model, they attract investors. This infusion of capital fuels their growth, enabling them to expand, innovate, and navigate markets. This vitality attracts more startups and investors, further enriching the entrepreneurial landscape. Unfortunately, in the West Midlands, only a select few businesses secure equity funding. This perpetuates a cycle of underperformance. The support network becomes increasingly siloed, leaving many potentially successful businesses unprepared for investment, creating a self-defeating sequence.

A Collaborative Investment Solution

Enter the West Midlands Co-Investment Fund (WMCF): a game changer in the realm of venture capital investment. Unlike traditional investors, this fund operates on a collaborative model, requiring partnerships with other investors to allocate funding. As a result, the investment readiness of a business is just as important to the fund as it is to the business’ founder or management team. By tapping into a vast network, the fund enhances the investees’ readiness, setting the stage for sustainable growth. 


Being investment ready is about having the right tools to best prepare for funding. This is everything from how to write a business plan, understanding investment legals, and how to prepare for the all important pitch. Being investment ready means your business is more likely to succeed in securing investment. The WMCIF positions itself as the linchpin of the regional ecosystem, unifying all stakeholders behind a shared vision of sustainable growth in the region. By aligning efforts, the network becomes self-fulfilling, propelling businesses towards success. This collaborative spirit represents a paradigm shift in early-stage investing, emphasising a holistic approach that nurtures both vision and execution.

Assessing Startup Leadership for Growth

In this new era of investment, the fund places a spotlight on leadership. Rather than fixating solely on financial projections, the focus shifts towards a founder’s ability to execute a strategic vision. Innovative management assessment tools provide invaluable insights, enabling founders to identify strengths, weaknesses, and necessary skills for growth. Seeing this written in black and white is often a pivotal moment, as founders recognise the need for additional resources to unlock their business’s full potential. The combination of collaborative funds, access to value-adding investors, and support organisations empowers founders to fully realise their potential. Armed with resources to enhance their strengths and address weaknesses, founders are poised to cultivate exceptional high-growth businesses within the region. 


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A Proactive Path Forward

The West Midlands region stands on the cusp of a transformative journey towards a dynamic funding network. While challenges persist, there is a shared recognition that the essential elements for a thriving business landscape are within reach. Through proactive initiatives, we have the unique opportunity not only to bridge existing gaps but also to lay the groundwork for sustained success in the future. This proactive approach will drive innovation, spur economic growth, and provide businesses with the support they need to not only survive but thrive. The West Midlands Co-Investment Fund represents a beacon of hope for a region hungry for growth. By fostering collaboration, empowering founders, and redefining investment paradigms, this fund is poised to breathe new life into the West Midlands funding ecosystem. With determination, vision, and concerted effort, the region is on track to unlock its full potential and usher in a new era of prosperity and innovation.


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