Igloo Vision 360° Domes Showcased on The Gadget Show

Igloo VisionTV Programme Highlights Ground-breaking Innovations in 360° Visualisation, Simulation and Surround-sound Experiences

London and Craven Arms, UK (PRWEB UK) 10 March 2014

Igloo Vision, an innovative designer and builder of 360° visualisation and simulation domes, will be featured tonight on the popular Chanel 5 programme The Gadget Show.

The Gadget Show’s Episode 3 Series 19 will air at 7:00 p.m. tonight and will showcase surround-sound systems inside Igloo’s 360° immersive domes. This will be the third time Igloo has been featured on The Gadget Show.

Igloo’s immersive domes are fitted with high-definition projectors that project images, games, film or content with cinematic-quality video and studio-quality sound on a wraparound 360-degree screen. Audiences are completely surrounded by and immersed within an all-encompassing audio-visual experience. Igloo has a range of fully-equipped 360° projection domes – from 6-to-21 metres, which can accommodate up to 1,000 people – that are available for purchase or hire. Igloo has two fully-equipped 360° facilities in Central London and the West Midlands.

Igloo has established an ever-growing range of global partnerships – including Asian events, UK visitor attractions, US roadshows, European festivals, and Middle Eastern installations. Igloo 360° domes have created unforgettable corporate experiences for Sky, Toyota and Miele, as well as artistic and cultural events, such as The UK Young Scientists & Engineers’ Big Bang Fair, Feest at Het Park, Ocean Drifters and ICCI 2012.

Igloo Vision technology continues to deliver new innovations in simulation, training and visualisations and Igloo projection domes are helping organizations, training centres and event coordinators create stunning 360° content, developing and integrating CGI, video or presentation media. Igloo domes are currently being used by The Fire Service College to deliver scenario-based training. Similarly, QuinetiQ Simulation and Training Services use Igloo 360° to deliver immersive training to the mining industry.

The 360° domes are ideal for training, education and familiarisation. Typical applications include training, education, health and safety campaigns, risk assessments, virtual site visits, skills and aptitude assessments, and site familiarisations. With wrap-around sound and vision, entire teams are immersed in the centre of any situation and experience realistic scenarios.

Clients using Igloo domes find that the creation of 360° scenarios are more effective and engaging than any flat-screen, desk-bound equivalent. Entire teams can discuss and interact at the centre of the scenario. Clients also highlight improved safety and cost savings as simulations reduce expensive physical visits to faraway sites and provide a risk-free way to experience hazardous situations.

Sectors benefiting from 360° simulations are emergency services, oil and gas, engineering and construction, mining and extractive, power generation and supply, transport and infrastructure, training and education, and military.

“Igloo Visions’ highly-engaging 360° visualisation platform brings engineering, construction and design concepts to life and are ideal for training, education and familiarisation,” commented Pippa Halliday, sales and marketing director at Igloo Vision.

Igloo’s fully-immersive, highly-engaging visualisation platform brings engineering, construction and design concepts to life. Igloo is currently working with companies such as Autodesk, Cobalt and Graphisoft, which use the wraparound domes to showcase CAD, CGI or BIM content. Architects, engineers, real estate developers and designers find that Igloo domes are ideal to show clients or stakeholders how finished concepts will look and feel. The flexibility of working with 360° visualisations allow for an improved sales processes, reductions in planning errors, and enhanced collaboration among designers and engineers and related community and stakeholder groups.

Igloo Vision’s real-time generative content capabilities and technology has been covered by some of the world’s most influential media outlets including The Economist, BBC Click, The Financial Times, the New York Times, BBC News, and The Guardian.

About Igloo Vision 

Igloo Vision is a UK-based 360° technology company specialising in simulations, visualisations and events. The company is backed by Midven, a Birmingham-based venture capital firm that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Midlands.

Igloo’s simulation clients include military, emergency services, mining and oil and gas operators. Visualisation clients include architectural and engineering companies. Events clients include festivals and galleries as well as leading brands.

The company creates immersive environments, featuring 360° sound and vision. Its technology includes 360° media players, software cameras, projection screens and domes. Igloo Vision has delivered solutions globally for many of the word’s biggest brands. For more information, please visit http://www.igloovision.com. You can follow Igloo on Twitter at @IglooVision.