Midven Launches EIS Fund to Invest in High-Growth Opportunities in Greater Birmingham

GB EIS FundNew EIS fund will be co-invested alongside the regional Midlands Engine Investment Fund

Midven, a leading venture capital firm based in Birmingham, UK, is pleased to announce the launch of the Greater Birmingham EIS Fund (GB EIS), which will focus on deploying Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) qualifying monies alongside the recently secured £35 million Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) from the British Business Bank.

Prior to the launch of its EIS fund, Midven exclusively managed institutional and public funds. However, due to the overwhelming opportunities that exists in the Midlands and demand from local investors, Midven will manage an EIS fund to further back high-growth ventures in the region.

Midven’s EIS fund will have the benefit of investing into ventures that qualify for the Treasury’s highly-advantageous EIS reliefs for private professional investors looking to benefit from the exponential growth of high-growth companies across the Midlands. These benefits include 30% income tax relief, loss relief, tax-free capital gains, Inheritance Tax (IHT) relief, and the deferment of existing Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

Investors may download the GB EIS Fund Investment Memorandum here: http://www.midven.co.uk/funds/birmingham-eis-fund/

“Midven’s Greater Birmingham EIS Fund will invest in the UK’s vibrant second city and surrounding areas, while simultaneously offering investors the potential for attractive returns and HMRC tax-relief benefits,” commented Tony Stott, Managing Director of Midven.

“The strength of the Midlands’ region, combined with Midven’s market positioning, has created what we believe is the perfect environment for us to fund an innovative EIS fund, which will invest in Birmingham and surrounding areas, while simultaneously offering investors the potential for attractive returns and tax-relief benefits.”

The GB EIS Fund will invest alongside the Midlands Engine Investment Fund — co-investing in up to half of the same deals — but will target more established and lower-risk ventures that have the potential to achieve a minimum of 2x capital return (excluding tax reliefs) within 3-5 years.”

Key links:
GB EIS Fund Investment Memo: midven.co.uk/funds/birmingham-eis-fund/
Twitter: @Midven
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/midven/

*Disclaimer: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Early stage, higher risk investments carry the risk that some or all of the capital invested may be lost. Investment into Alternative investment funds are high-risk due to their illiquid nature and are subject to promotion restrictions as per the FCA handbook rules COBS 4.12R. Investment into the fund is suitable to professional investors as per COBS 4.12R and COBS 3.5.1R and prohibited to Retail clients as per COBS 3.4.1R. If you are in doubt of your categorisation or the suitability of the investment you should seek independent financial, tax and legal advice accordingly. Midven Limited does not provide investment, legal or tax advice. EIS qualification is determined by HMRC and investors should be aware that changes in legislation or in the qualifying investments threshold conditions may have a negative impact on investments.