£2 Million Boost for West Midlands Start-ups

Need Capital to Kick Start or Grow Your Business

Now that the excitement of the general election is fading, it’s surely time to press on with growing our businesses.

And it’s with great delight that we are able to announce an additional £2 million for our Early Advantage fund.

This means that more early stage businesses or start-ups in the West Midlands will be able to access transformative funding to help with growth plans and cash requirements.

The Early Advantage fund, which we manage independently, already provides £8 million in capital to help high growth start-up and early stage businesses in the West Midlands progress and become profitable.

This new grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which is managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government, means the Early Advantage fund size has now increased to £10 million.

The money will enable the fund to provide further support for the continuing growth of its existing portfolio companies and to invest in new, additional companies within the West Midlands.

Since its launch, the Early Advantage fund has generated significant results with £6 million invested in 41 companies and 252 jobs created or safeguarded.

The fund’s impact is facilitated – and indeed enhanced – by our on-going strategic mentoring and management support post investment, which gives businesses additional expertise that they can use to grow their businesses.

Early Advantage Fund

The Early Advantage fund also leverages private sector co-investment into companies to ensure they have the required investment to reach their potential.

So we are now actively seeking to invest in entrepreneurs who wish to raise capital for their start-up or early stage business and encourage them to get in touch.

We’re sure, given the general lack of funding available to start-ups at regional level, that this money will make a significant impact.

For further information please call 0121 710 1990