Finding the Funding for Synbio: SynBioBeta London

Synthetic Biology Funding

Synthetic biology is arguably the enabling technology of the post-silicon age, and is opening up new markets with novel products and services, and revolutionising the economics of existing markets. However, even with innovative business models and brilliant science, projects can flounder because of the difficulty in getting funding. This is particularly true in the early stages immediately post-grant funding when ideas need to demonstrate proof-of-principle to generate broader investor interest.

Rainbow’s Synthetic Biology Investment Director, Oliver Sexton, works with these seed stage ideas to kick start high growth UK based and globally focused synthetic biology companies. Oliver is a member of the investor panel at SynBioBeta London 2015, providing real world experience in the complex arena of synbio investment. He and his fellow panellists will share their experience as investors in synthetic biology, with a particular focus on companies based in Europe, including the UK.

“The first commercial steps can be a daunting time for new synbio companies, and we hope that our discussions will make the process clearer, and provide practical and down-to-earth advice to improve the success rate for companies seeking funding in this exciting field,” says Sexton.

The session will cover a range of topics, including specific investment trends and insight into where the industry is heading.

Sexton has a number of years of experience in synthetic biology innovation investment and commercialisation around this area. This includes five years at Imperial Innovations where he was responsible for the early investment and commercialisation of bioengineering technologies, as well as commercial and licensing roles at Ark Therapeutics, and as an investment analyst for Instinet.

SynBioBeta London 2015, a forum for the synthetic biology community to hear from entrepreneurs, thought leaders and companies, will be hosted by SynbiCITE, the Innovation and Knowledge Centre at Imperial College London, on 22 and 23 April 2015.