Aeristech Announces Electric Supercharger

Aeristech Supercharger

For fast growing tech company Aeristech, life has of late been lived in the fast lane.

The company has been receiving rave reviews for a prototype engine it has helped develop thanks to ground-breaking technology.

The eSupercharger is a novel, fuel-efficient hybrid engine with applications in both the automotive and power generator sectors.

It’s a low-cost turbocharger that has been developed in conjunction with automotive parts and engineering company Mahle.

The really clever part of this collaboration is how it helps reduce turbo lag – getting around the common problem of using larger turbochargers on small engines.

Aeristech chief executive Richard Wall explained to Car magazine: “With our technology, the traditional turbocharger is decoupled into a turbine and a compressor powered by an electric motor.  The electrical storage created provides an opportunity to vastly reduce turbo lag, resulting in increased performance and reduced emissions.  This enables automotive manufacturers to downsize engines without impacting on performance.  We are now beginning discussions with manufacturers about pre-development programs and additional vehicle demonstrators, while looking to get the product into their power trains.  We’re expecting in the next few years that you will start to see this product going out into the market.”

Giovanni Finnochio Investment  Director at Midven said “having driven a car fitted with Aeristech’s e-Supercharger, I was amazed at the power across the gear range.  It felt like I was driving a car with a  larger engine, I can’t wait to see it in production cars.  I believe Midven have backed a winner.”

The result for Aeristech has been some great reviews and an overall perception that downsizing doesn’t mean downgrading.

Car magazine went on to call the technology “mind boggling”.

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