Case Study – Utility Stream

Midven case Study Utility Stream

Utility Stream Ltd’s Strategic Investment Propels Sustainable Growth and Positive Impact


Investment has resulted in remarkable growth with 500% increase in revenue, expansion of the sales pipeline, and tripled employee growth.



Following significant MEIF investment, Utility Stream Ltd (USL) has become an established player in the mutli-utility, energy consultancy market, with:

  • Formidable traction in a number of sectors
  • An established reputation with industry leading suppliers
  • Impressive increase in revenue by 500%
  • Exponential growth in the sales pipeline
  • Nearly triple the number of employees


“Since my first interaction with Midven, I have had a very positive feeling about working with them. And while we have had multiple challenges in the UK economy, I’m really excited about the opportunities that face the business and I’m certain that I will enjoy further collaboration with Midven.”

– Mark Edwards, Co-Director, Utility Stream Ltd


From day one I knew Midven was the way to go. We were in the middle of the first lockdown and it was full steam ahead which was very encouraging and positive. Their faith in USL, Mark and me, was unwavering and that continues to this day. I am very excited for the future as USL continues to grow with continued support from Midven.

– Naveed Qayyum, Co-Director, Utility Stream Ltd


Investment and Midven’s involvement

Midven has played a pivotal role in supporting USL through three rounds of significant investment. These strategic investments propelled the company’s mission of promoting renewable energy and cutting-edge technologies to reduce carbon footprints. The funds enabled them to expand the team, creating new positions for sales consultants and account managers in Warwickshire and beyond.

In addition to facilitating company development, Midven actively collaborates with the company directors to ensure the recognition of ambitions and potential. Midven provided constructive challenges, guidance, and strategic input during the challenging times of a two-year pandemic and an ongoing UK energy crisis. USL navigated the crisis, which could have harmed a less resilient business. Making the necessary changes in response to the industry challenges, the business endured and emerged stronger than ever before. This is evidenced by increase in revenue, expansion in the sales pipeline, and FTE growth. Midven also played a pivotal role in helping to recruit their Finance Director, Paul White, who contributes invaluable financial expertise and insight into the company’s financial strategy.

The collaborative relationship is characterised by open and honest communication, in addition to regular board meetings, to discuss business performance and make informed decisions for the future. USL’s co-directors recognise Junior Investment Manager Huw Sparkes as being instrumental from day one. Midven’s CEO Tony Stott provides considerable experience by challenging the company directors through balanced strategic input and guidance regularly.


Converting Utility Stream from prospect to investment

USL stood out as an excellent investment choice due to its scalability, positive global impact in helping SMEs and industrial consumers achieve net-zero goals, and the favourable environment for equity investment in the energy sector. What particularly impressed Midven during the pitch was the directors’ extensive experience in managing large teams within the industry, showcasing their expertise and positioning the company as a compelling investment option.


Who is Utility Stream?

Utility Stream Ltd was founded in April 2018. Its goals are to simplify business energy and to ensure the world becomes a more sustainable place. The team provides bespoke energy packages catered towards individual business needs along with high-quality account management services. Their offering enables clients to streamline all that comes with achieving cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions.