Brian Blakemore

Brian Blakemore

Brian joined Midven as a Non-Executive Chairman during 2009. He has had a career spanning 40 years in the banking and investment industries, mostly within the West Midlands.

Brian was recently with Barclays Private Equity whom he joined in 1989 to open their first regional office in the UK, located in Birmingham. Brian became a director in 1998 and was a member of the UK Executive Committee. After leading the Barclays Private Equity Midlands Team for over ten years, Brian was appointed Investor Relations Director in December 2000. Brian was a key part of the team which very successfully raised the firms first 3 funds; the €1.25 billion Barclays Private Equity European Fund in 2002, the €1.65 billion Barclays Private Equity European Fund ll in 2005 and the €2.45 billion Barclays Private Equity European Fund lll in 2007.

Brian retired from Barclays Private Equity in September 2008 and as well as his involvement with Midven is engaged in various consulting projects and training. Brian is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.

Brian’s background and expertise have been key to Midven’s recent fundraising successes.

Position Non-Executive Chairman

Telephone 0121 710 1990

“Despite the doom and gloom there are good things happening in business and we only have to look at our portfolio to see that substantial profitable growth is achievable if you have the right focus, strategy and commitment.”

Brian Blakemore


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