Where corporate governance meets social media risk management: what we...

In 2014, the Forrester “Social Media Risk and Compliance” report stated that “All organisations need to manage social media risk… but very few do”. This resonated with me back then as it does today. CrowdControlHQ was marked as a ‘world-wide’ contender in the same report and we felt the responsibility to help educate enterprise organisations of what we knew about social media risk and the simple steps that they could take to reduce the risk of a reputational disaster. Sadly, today awareness of the risks are still lacking in some industry sectors. The risks have moved on from 2014 and the stakes are even higher than ever before as more of the population actively engage in social media, with the scope for reach growing exponentially, putting brands at even more risk than ever before. However, perhaps of greatest concern is the apathy of those, who despite being in the know are still acting in some to guard their organisation against them. All the signs indicate that operationally we still have some way to go to grasp the issue of risk. For example, in a series of workshops focused on the […]

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Invested Business? Invest in Marketing

With so much research and development taking place in the early stages of your...

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Planning for reopening – how to accelerate out of lockdown

The government’s roadmap out of the lockdown is currently going to plan and we...

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