Six Ways LISTENing Can Help Boost Your Social Media Success

The emergence of social media has created a dramatic shift in marketing dynamics. Gone are the days of standing atop a soapbox and selling our wares with a repetitive one way message. In fact, today, our customers own the soapbox, and use it to not only share their thoughts with friends but also to anyone who will listen! The one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many nature of social media has contributed to a significant rise in the number of complaints being made. The channel provides customers with a soapbox that has the ability to achieve incredible reach when making their case heard. In 2014, the Ombudsman Service reported that over 5.2 million complaints were made via social media alone. With internet service providers, retailers and public transport routes baring the brunt of topics most talked about that year. This means that it has never been more important to listen to our customers and others to find out what they are saying about us. Traditionally, we have worked under the mantra of ‘the customer is always right’ as we strived to achieve the accolade of good customer service. This meant listening to the […]

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