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Science Museum’s History of MedicineThe Schools History Project (SHP) was set up in 1972 as a radical renovation of the place and purpose of history in schools. The Project was based on the notion that students should be taught history as a way of making sense of past human experience, in order  to understand better the present-day world. The “study in development” was a core aspect of this philosophy. Studying a single aspect of history across many eras allows students to understand the connection between past and present, and the changes and continuities across time. Nowadays, over 40 years on, the SHP remains highly popular among GCSE History teachers and students. The “study in development” remains essential to the SHP curriculum, and more and more schools are choosing to teach the “Medicine Through Time” course. This fascinating course explores the chronological development of the theory and practice of medicine, across a diverse range of eras and cultures. Topics range from prehistoric and classical era medicine, to health and sickness in the Middle Ages, to the rapid development of medicine in the 19th and 20th centuries…Due to the popularity of the Medicine Through Time course, Diverse School Travel has developed a “Medicine Through Time” London school tour itinerary specifically tailored to the SHP syllabus. Our tours trace the development of the practice of medicine across time and across cultures: local museums such as The Old Operating Museum and Herb Garrett provide historical snapshots of 19th and 20th century healthcare in London itself, while the various permanent exhibitions at the London Science Museum explore the medical practices of cultures across the world.Florence Nightingale MuseumDepending on your location, we offer a number of one-day Medicine Through Time itineraries, but why not stay in London for two days and enjoy the wealth of history just waiting to be discovered? Your students are sure to love our outstanding “Jack the Ripper” night-time walking tour; or for the more faint-hearted, we could organise a theatre trip as an alternative evening activity.Tours start from £90 for two days.  Get in touch on 0121 271 0121 and we will be happy to suggest itineraries for your next school tour. By Laura

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