Prof. Ian Boyd, Defra Chief Scientist tweeted that @TokamakEnergy fusion...

See what he said below:- However, for me, the highlight was the exhibit from Tokamak Energy, a small company of only 15 employees that is trying to be the first to build a truly commercial fusion reactor. A tokamak is a machine that holds a hot ion plasma in a strong magnetic field and the neutrons produced by the plasma produce heat. It is, in my view, the main long term solution to the global demand for energy. Admittedly, many would say that it’s commercial realisation is too far away for it to solve the problems we have in the short term but I don’t understand why it does not feature more strongly in long-term planning. It has the capacity to decarbonise our economies and to sustain the current demand for energy, which is not really possible with classical renewable energy sources. And, unlike nuclear fission, it doesn’t produce nasty by-products either as dangerous waste or precursors for weapons. I learned that ‘tokamak’ is actually a Russian acronym, because the technology was invented in Russia. However, what excited me was that the company was using current technologies to build their machine – they felt they could do this without having to wait for any new basic discoveries to emerge – and they had a business model that was attracting investment. I wish them every success. I have not been able to mention all the exhibits I saw all of which have their own wonderful stories to tell. However, I am struck by just how fundamental to the future and successes of humanity are all the examples I have given here. Many other exhibits also fell in to this category. From the fundamentals of how life forms through to the building of a machine that could power our future development, it’s a glorious accolade to British science. Full article can be found here

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