Prism Contracting

We are pleased to announce the launch of Prism Contracting our directly employed labour force that will be first serving our clients in London and the South East Region. Following the success of Prism Fire & Flood and the continued positive customer feedback, Prism Contracting will cover all elements of building work from complex subsidence and underpinning work through to the more standard building reinstatement works; electrics, plumbing, plastering, decorating and roofing ….etc. We would like to welcome Jason Hirrell as Prism Contracting Managing Director, Jason has 20 years experience in the insurance repair market working predominantly in the subsidence sector, Jason and many members of the newly formed Prism Contracting team have been working closely with us for the past 2 years prior to this launch. Mark Orton Managing Director of Prism Network commented: We are following market demands and observations from the Thematic Review by cutting layers of management and complexity by streamlining the Building Disaster Recovery and Repair process. Ultimately this will mean insurers and policyholders getting a better, faster, and more cost effective service. Prism Fire & Flood teamed together with Prism Contractors provide the insurance market a more direct and complete package, the result is a reduction in claims administration and policyholder effort during a claim. Following the successful launch of Prism Contracting in the South East it is set to expand across the UK over the next 24 months. The expansion will support our already established contractor network and enhance our coverage and control. For more information on the launch of Prism Contracting please contact or call us on 0116 216 8630.

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