Fully Monitored GPS Tracking Technology

GPS tracking technology with fully integrated 24/7 monitoring from Amba Defence Control.
Sean Robertson, Amba Defence Technology’s International Business Development Manager, has been working hard to bring together a new GPS Asset Monitoring Capability. While serving in the military and later as a specialist defence consultant Sean worked on the ground in most of the world’s risk hotspots. He saw first-hand how asset tracking intelligence can enhance security and defence effectiveness in a range of military and commercial situations.
“The devices launched today allow our clients to more effectively manage and secure their assets – whether that’s a member staff travelling abroad, a container of goods in transit or a team working in a remote environment. Let Amba keep both eyes on your assets while you get on with running your business.”
Sean Robertson – International Business Development, Amba Defence Technology
The new range of GPS trackers includes three devices designed to cover a spectrum of needs to assist in keeping your business operating successfully:
Our general purpose tracker typically used to secure inventory, goods in transit or monitor vehicles. In the commercial sector it can be used to protect high value assets including art, antiques or IT equipment.
A heavy duty industrial tracker that provides up to 5 years monitoring without any connection to an external power source. An IP65 shell and SIRF Star III GPS Chip provide ultra-reliable and precise positioning information. Often used to monitor industrial plant and equipment or track freight containers on the move.
A GPS personal security alarm. This device features a large SOS button that connects directly to our control room, providing both the current user location and enabling “Open-Mic” mode; this mode provides our operator with live audio, before providing the appropriate response to any situation.
Amba’s GPS tracking packages are fully monitored by our NSI Gold Class II receiving centre. We’ll tailor the parameters of the personal or asset tracking response using smart features like geofencing, movement alerts, off-route alerts and more – to allow only the salient information to be updated to your business.
Our monitoring packages are highly competitive, with a single monthly charge including the devices, SIM cards, 24/7 monitoring response and reports.
Please reach out for immediate details and a pricing:sean.robertson@amba-defence.com
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