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Often when preparing for a job interview, your main focus is on the questions you are likely to be asked. While answering questions in the best way you can is key to interview success, asking your interviewer the right questions can also show you are the perfect candidate for the job.Why should you ask questions?They demonstrate your:AttitudeMaturityCapabilityUnderstanding of the roleKnowledge of the organisationAsking well-prepared and researched questions is your chance to rise above the other candidates. It helps you to control the direction of the interview.What sort of questions should I ask?Aim to ask your interviewer role-relevant questions. Examples include:If you were to name the three most important priorities for this role, what would they be, and how would they be measured?What do you think are the main ways the successful candidate can help your organisation deal with competitors?How might this role positively impact on customer relations?Remember to make questions role-specific, and always show positivity through your questions.What sort of questions shouldn’t I ask?Avoid asking questions that suggest to the interviewer that you care more about the perks of the job, rather than the role itself. Examples include:When’s lunchtime?  What benefits do I get?When could I get promoted?You can find out the answers to these types of questions by asking your interview something along the lines of:‘How can I find out about the terms and conditions of this role?’The majority of good employers will explain routine information in the interview or send documents out prior to the interview. Use the job specification to prepare and ask yourself, ‘What useful questions are there that I can ask to show I can make a difference?’ For more tips and advice about interviews, contact us on Facebook.

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