edudo: Working to support the success of the hospitality sector

In January, the British Hospitality Association in partnership with Department for Work and Pensions led an exciting national initiative throughout Jobcentre Plus. Hospitality Works encouraged employers in the industry to promote opportunities/vacancies to suitable jobseekers, enhance their knowledge to find the right people for their business, and link into locally available training to prepare future workers.The hospitality industry in the UK is big business. After Business Services, Wholesale & Retail, and Healthcare, Hospitality is the 4th largest employing sector in the UK. 4.9 million people, which is 10% of the workforce, work across 180,000 businesses in the UK’s hospitality sector.Key Facts about the Hospitality Sector:The hospitality industry has been at the forefront of the economic recovery over the past five years, creating jobs in every region of the country for people of all ages and skill levels. It has contributed 17% of the UK’s net employment growth in that period.80% of new employees in the hospitality industry over the past 5 years are 18-24 year olds.The sector provides the first taste of work for many young people, generating 1 in 6 of all new jobs among 18-24 year-olds.Hospitality contributed 4% of UK GDP in 2014, around £57 Billion, whilst putting £14 Billion into the Exchequer.edudo has the key to supporting the hospitality industryThe above statistics demonstrate how significant a sector hospitality is in value and in the job market. What if we could up-skill those employed in the sector or even help those who want to start working in hospitality?Here at edudo we have two initiatives that will add value to employers and employees alike, and contribute to strengthening the industry in general.In the first instance, edudo offers learning opportunities to those already employed within the hospitality sector so they can achieve industry recognised qualifications, and drive their careers forward. A huge bonus is that there is funding for eligible candidates for a selection of learning programmes so there is no cost to your organisation or employee.The second opportunity gives those looking for work in hospitality the opportunity to gain skills and qualifications relevant to the sector. This is a massive benefit for potential employers as they recruit work-ready staff who already have Food Safety and Licensing Law knowledge. Whether you’re an individual operator or a national brand, we’d love to talk to you about developing your talent. You could reap a number of benefits, such as gaining motivated staff who want to stay with your business. If you’re recruiting front of house via the Job Centre, we can add value to your selection by putting candidates through an Workskills qualification and ensuring they are qualified up to Level 2 in Food Safety and also HABC Award for Personal License Holders. You can find out more about our courses here and get in touch here for more information and advice.

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