CPA tackles exam anxiety with student workshops

Exam season is fast approaching and many students will soon be faced with the challenges that this brings. For many, this can provoke feelings of doubt, fear and anxiety. These feelings can seriously impact upon hoped for, and expected student achievement and outcomes.   Exam anxiety can affect student’s ability to concentrate and revise effectively, which in turn affects their individual ability to answer questions under examination conditions.   This level of stress and anxiety can seriously impact upon student’s emotional health and general well being in the lead up to their exams.   With the exam season looming CPA psychology services are offering workshops to help students prepare for their exams, understand the anxiety this might cause and offer direct support at this critical time.   We will be reviewing techniques to deal with anxiety and looking at some of the physical symptoms of anxiety.   Workshops will be held in Telford, Wolverhampton and Worcestershire in January 2016.   For more information please contact us: 0161 834 4662

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