CPA Psychologists Take Part in Restorative Approaches Training

We have recently undergone training on Restorative Approaches because we wanted to learn about a different approach to handling situations where harm or suffering has been caused. We wanted to explore alternative approaches to the usual punitive approach. Punitive approaches don’t allow the victim to be heard and understood and can lead them to fear repercussions. Punishment often does not work as a deterrent and the perpetrator may not be fully aware of the impact of their actions or may feel resentful at the punishement, which can lead them to continue to act in the same way again and again.   We felt that it was important that any approach enabled the victim and those who had been involved in a situation to be heard and the perpetrator to understand the impact that their actions have had on all involved. We were concerned by the number of pupils who are receiving exclusions both fixed term and permanent which impacts upon their education and their lives and we wanted to learn more about options which help them to understand and change their behaviour. We also felt that it was very important to work with the perpetrator to help them to learn a different way to approach situations so that this understanding can lead to a change in their behaviour as well.   Restorative approaches focus on relationships and responsibility and allow for harm and suffering to be repaired for both the victim and the perpetrator. Restorative approaches have a high evidence base. The approach is well suited to situations where bullying has occurred. They allow the victim to be heard and the perpetrator to understand the suffering that they have caused. In this respect they empower the victim. They allow teachers to have an effective response to cases of bullying. They also allow a safe way for bullying to be talked about and tackled. The training was carried out by Inclusive Solutions, please click here to see some of our psychologists reflect on their experience:

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