Can you increase your social media reach without advertising?

  If you had the opportunity to increase your company’s social reach by 1000%, with little to no added expense, would you? As social media managers, we are all well aware that since 2012 the decline of organic social reach has become a common pain point for most. The decline of organic social media reach Over 4 years ago, on average we could reach at least 16% of our Facebook page fans in their news feeds. However, reports in 2014 suggest that organic reach for all Facebook pages dropped to 6.15% and to 2.11% for pages with more than 500,000 likes. These figures suggest that our potential organic reach has more than halved in the last 4 years on Facebook alone, which will ultimately impact on further desired actions including likes, shares, comments and referral traffic to your website. But there is a very important reason for these changes in organic reach. Facebook and social media platforms alike have become an outlet for millions of users on a day to day basis (billions in fact). With approximately 4.75 billion pieces of content shared daily on Facebook, and 347,222 tweets sent […]

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Invested Business? Invest in Marketing

With so much research and development taking place in the early stages of your...

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Planning for reopening – how to accelerate out of lockdown

The government’s roadmap out of the lockdown is currently going to plan and we...

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