Can we use Facebook Reactions to deliver a better experience...

  As marketers we are consistently challenged to understand more about our customers, but following the recent implementation of Facebook reactions could we go one step further and begin to understand the emotional and psychological make up of our fans? And if we could harness the power of the vast amount of data it gives us, how could we use this to deliver a better experience for our audiences?   The development of Facebook Reactions I am sure we have all wanted to dislike a post at one stage in our Facebook lifetime, there is even multiple petition pages dedicated to the introduction of a dislike button. With the ever-growing number of requests to be able to express more than just a ‘like’, Mark Zuckerberg hinted at a Q&A session in September 2015 that they were very close to having something ready for user testing that represented a ‘Dislike’ button. And in February this year Facebook announced the launch of Reactions: “We’ve been listening to people and know that there should be more ways to easily and quickly express how something you see in news feed makes you feel. That’s […]

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Invested Business? Invest in Marketing

With so much research and development taking place in the early stages of your...

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Planning for reopening – how to accelerate out of lockdown

The government’s roadmap out of the lockdown is currently going to plan and we...

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