Automotive Social Media Briefing Published by CrowdControlHQ

A briefing has been published to help the UK Automotive Industry move up a gear with social media delivery. In 2015, the IAB reported that the Automotive Sector had the fifth largest share of UK advertising spend totalling £1.3bn. This has led to much debate about the channels in which investment is made, as the sector grapples with the digital revolution, seen to be driving down the number of visits to car showrooms from 4 per purchase in early 1990s to just 1 today. Traditionally, the sector is celebrated as having strong print promotion roots, built on the heritage of campaigns such as the ‘Think Small’ campaign by Volkswagen launched in 1959, described as the best advertising campaign of the 20th century by Ad Age. Like many, Volkswagen today have suffered turmoil with their brand at the hands of digital channels, empowering people across the globe to connect and debate the issue of emissions. This ‘loss of control’ is leading those tasked to market automotive products and services to invest differently in their marketing approaches, reinforced by research which shows that car buyers are likely to have taken at least […]

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