An edudo Learner Journey

At edudo, we’re all about improving life chances, and we love it when a learner shares their success story with us. We spoke to former edudo learner, Neil Figgett, about how edudo changed his life.edudo:Why did you first enrol on an edudo course?Neil: I first enrolled on an edudo course due to the fact that I had been unemployed for 4 months. My JCP advisor thought it would be a good idea for me to enrol on an edudo course.edudo:  What course did you enrol on?Neil: The course I enrolled on was Edexcel BTEC Level 1 Certificate (WORKSKILLS QCF).edudo: What was your experience of the course like? Neil: I found the course very good. I learnt new skills such as writing a cover letter, Rights and Responsibilities at Work, and some aspects of Health & Safety at work I wasn’t aware of. I found the ‘Team Working’ unit very enjoyable, and interview skills and preparation helped me brush up on the knowledge I already had. I enjoyed meeting learners from lots of different backgrounds, and found myself helping those who may have been struggling a bit.edudo: What were your next steps after completing the course? Neil: Once I had completed the course, I went back to my JCP advisor and told her that the tutors on the course had expressed I would make a good tutor. The qualification I required to become a tutor was a City and Guilds Level 3 Award in Education and Training. My advisor searched for somewhere that I could take this course, and I completed it at Grove Training in Hazel Grove, Stockport.edudo: How did you become involved in working for edudo?Neil: Once I had started the course, I contacted edudo and asked if there would be any chance of doing work experience with them. I worked 2 days a week for them whilst completing my 9-week course.edudo:Briefly describe your current role at edudoNeil: Once I had completed the course, which also included Level 2 Certificate in Employability and Personal Development, I was offered a position with edudo as a self-employed tutor in Employability/Work Skills. In this role, I tutor a group of learners that are receiving benefits, with the aim of giving them the skills to gain employment. This is a 5-day course of 9 units:·      Self- assessment ·      Searching for a job ·      Using a CV and cover letter to apply for a job·      Preparing for an interview·      Interview skills ·      Rights and responsibilities at work ·      Health & Safety at work ·      Planning an enterprise activity ·      Working in a teamedudo: What advice would you give to anyone enrolling on an edudo course?Neil: I always recommend the course to people and assure them that it’s not hard, and will hopefully give them the skills to gain employment. Some people worry it will be like being at school and get stressed, but there’s definitely no need to panic! You could find success like Neil with an edudo course. Ask your JCP advisor or get in touch for more info.

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