Amba Defence at Security and Policing 2016

Security and Policing is the largest event of its kind in the UK and the only security conference supported by the Home Office.
Amba were in attendance to demonstrate the Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System. Manta is used to scan for Improvised Explosive Devices, drug smuggling and people trafficking at secure checkpoints and borders.
Options such as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), Driver Image Capture and Previous Scan Comparison make Manta a truly intelligent piece of defence equipment. Currently, Manta is protecting embassies, oil & gas facilities, national borders and critical infrastructure the world over.

Over the course of the Security and Policing conference we met official government delegates from the USA, Europe and Asia and well as representatives from key UK infrastructure, military and police in what was an exceptionally high quality event.
£400k Armoured Range Rover Sentinel
Aside from Manta, the technology that caught the eye at Security and Policing included the £400k, bulletproof Range Rover Sentinel. While there have been armoured Range Rovers before, the Sentinel is the first officially produced by Land Rover.
This armoured version of the the plush Autobiography model can withstand hits from common 7.62mm high-velocity, armour-piercing rounds. You can also detonate 15kg of TNT explosive next to the Sentinel and the occupants won’t even have to turn up the stereo.

SkyWall Counter-Drone System
Another impressive piece of engineering came from the OpenWorks team and their new SkyWall counter drone system. The SkyWall concept is simple; physically deliver a counter-measure up to the target, capture the drone in a net and land it safely with a parachute.
SkyWall is a combination of a compressed gas powered smart launcher and an intelligent programmable projectile. The first system being released is SkyWall100 – a shoulder launched version that is a portable, quick to deploy and cost effective in eliminating the threat from a drone. Take a look at the system in action below.

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