Amba & ISSEE at Transport Security Expo

Transport Security Expo provides a unique opportunity to bring together people who are involved in the security business, whether aviation, maritime, rail or land transport security
Amba and ISSEE were in attendance to discuss the links between defence technology and security training, with a focus on the Manta Under Vehicle Inspection System.
Manta is used to scan for IEDs, drug smuggling and people trafficking at secure checkpoints and borders. Seven cameras scan the vehicle undercarriage from different positions to produce a high-res quasi-3D view on a local laptop. The system becomes a truly smart piece of security equipment once modules such as ANPR, image mismatch and driver facial recognition systems are connected, which facilitates the build-up of an intelligence picture.
Linking security tech like Manta to the operators who use it in the field is where our relationship with ISSEE begins. ISSEE, at the Centre for Homeland Security, deliver quality-driven training courses in high-level aspects of security, explosives use and management. Amba & ISSEE together offer comprehensive training into the use of the Manta system to effectively detect and react to threats at secure entries and checkpoints.

Over the course of the Transport Security conference we met official government delegates from Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia and well as key UK infrastructure, ports and Airports.
Just days after the conference, transport security was in the national spotlight after a lone wolf terrorist incident at an East London tube station. Security was stepped up across the Underground after a machete attack left two injured. The incident, which came shortly after Britain launched air strikes against Isis targets in Syria, highlights the necessity for bringing government, industry & academia together to counter the threat against our transportation networks.

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