5 steps for developing a social media strategy

The rapid growth of social media over the last decade has seen organisations having to respond and react quickly, ensuring that they have a presence on this constantly evolving channel. This quick adoption of social media has often led to organisation’s ‘doing’ social media because they feel they have to, rather than ensuring it has a purpose and delivers impact. A common risk is that organisations are wasting valuable time and effort in delivering social media but not contributing to driving the business forward. Marketing Managers are often quizzed by the Senior Management Team (SMT) to demonstrate the ROI of social media, and despite social media being able to provide a wealth of data, many struggle to answer the SMTs questions. But how can we measure impact if we don’t know what we are hoping our social media will achieve in the first place? To resolve this, it’s important to take a strategic approach with your social media, take a look at our five steps for developing a social media strategy. Five steps for developing a social media strategy Step 1. What do you want your social media to achieve? […]

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