5 reasons your social media manager may not be cut...

Very few organisations could have failed to experience a dramatic shift in social media delivery, from what was once viewed as a channel to pump prime sales and marketing messages to where we are today – a channel that is fast becoming the backbone of customer service support. The public has grown a very large appetite for engaging with brands, products and services around all things ‘customer service’ on social media. In fact, the Institute of Customer Service reported in July 2015 that at least 1 in 4 of us were making our complaints social. That means that a staggering 18 million of the 50 million complaints made last year took place under the watchful eyes of fans, followers and engaged users. And perhaps of greatest surprise to some who mistakenly still pass off the channel as the terrain of ‘bright young things’, a large proportion of complainants were in the 45-54 year old category. However, complaints are only part of the issue. Customer service as we know covers an array of response to customer needs, pre, during and post sale – many of which are not complaints but questions […]

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Invested Business? Invest in Marketing

With so much research and development taking place in the early stages of your...

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Planning for reopening – how to accelerate out of lockdown

The government’s roadmap out of the lockdown is currently going to plan and we...

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