Harwell Capital

Harwell Capital

Midven has been working with Harwell Capital since 2012 sourcing and transacting investments into technology companies on their behalf. Harwell’s funding comes from an extensive overseas network of private investors who are seeking access to technology investment opportunities from across the UK.

The Harwell Capital funding is appropriate for UK technology businesses with high growth potential seeking to raise between £1m and £5m. Midven are actively seeking new investment opportunities for Harwell Capital.

The investment team working with Harwell Capital is lead by Roger Wood.

NOTE – Midven works with Harwell Capital on a non-exclusive basis. As such only businesses that are introduced to Harwell by Midven benefit from the Midven team’s experience and track record. The Harwell companies that Midven is involved with are listed in the portfolio section of the website.

Fund Facts

Current As At: 1st August 2017

Investment Size: £500k+

Invested to Date: £8m

12 Companies

Fund Managers

Associated Investments

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