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London-based Synthace provides next-generation software and processes to exponentially improve productivity in bioscience, enabling people to better engineer biology for health, food, energy and manufacturing. Central to its technology is Antha, a high-level language and operating system for biology, designed to make simple, reproducible and scalable workflows that are easily automated and shared.Antha

The Future of Biology

Antha’s operating system brings all of the benefits of modern computing into the lab and represents a ground up re-imagining of how we work with biology.
Antha enables biologists around the world to dramatically optimise biological experimentation and manufacturing processes, helping turn biodesigns into desperately needed new solutions to heal, feed and fuel the growing world population. Synthace currently serves customers across the pharmaceutical, agriscience and industrial biotechnology industries.

Backing a Tech Pioneer

Connecting and automating biological research, development and manufacturing was an ambitious plan and in 2014 Rainbow Seed Fund stepped in to support Synthace in its initial development of Antha.
Rainbow Seed Fund along with three other venture capital syndicate members and a group of angel investors participated in a funding round that provided the University College London spin out an 18-month development runway.
Rainbow has since provided introductions to potential customers for the Antha technology and also key partners within robotics and laboratory instrumentation companies. Major companies such Merck and DOW AgroSciences have signed deals with Synthace to access Antha and the company has partnered with Microsoft to bring Antha to the Azure cloud.


“At Synthace we want to empower biologists around the world, enabling them to better understand and work with the complexities of living systems and help us all to build a bigger, stronger bioeconomy and a more sustainable future.”

Tim Fell CEO

Synthace Awarded Technology Pioneer 2016 by World Economic Forum

In June 2016, World Economic Forum recognised Synthase as one of the world’s 30 most promising technology pioneers. Companies were selected for their potential to significantly impact business and society through new technologies and advance the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Synthace is the only UK company selected in 2016.
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