Case Study – Infinity


About Infinity

Infinity CCS(Contact Centre Solutions) provides dynamic workflow engines that power contact centres across 13 countries. Infinity works with some of the world’s largest contact centre operators such as Teleperformance, Webhelp, HGS and Bosch to deliver customer experience solutions that yield measurable efficiencies.

Infinity Workflow Solutions

The benefits of Infinity Workflow Solutions include instant scalability, usage-based pricing, an average of 20% productivity gains, easy integration and flexible deployment. Additionally, Infinity delivers  in-depth analytics – these powerful data insights improve business processes, help to identify performance gaps and ways businesses can win new markets.

The software platform provides tools, such as script guides and process flows to call centre operatives to improve the way they interact with their customers and improve call centre efficiency.

With Infinity’s tailored solutions, companies are better able to manage their customer operations, refine performance and drive a positive change.

FIT Platform

Infinity’s newly-launched Flexible Intelligent Triage (FIT) platform leverages its more than 20 years of global contact centre expertise and applies it to the critical needs of the emergency call triage sector.

call centre

FIT Platform announced the launch of an innovative 911 emergency dispatch software that delivers powerful data insights. One of the main difficulties for emergency triage call centres is that they are unable to write medical workflows or implement changes to enhance and optimize response for incoming emergency calls. FIT’s  CAD integration is designed to allow emergency dispatchers and qualified physicians to analyse call data in order to refine response processes and find critical improvements in call response times.

Intelligent data analytical tools allow the ability for FIT to outperform traditional, limited triage systems. Workflows can be created or changed easily without the need to rely on IT staff, using a simple ‘drag and drop’ feature.


“Many of today’s brands are struggling to deliver exceptional customer experience due complex agent desktop tools, a lack of multichannel options and a lack of understanding about customer behaviour. To deliver against its objectives, a contact centre’s processes, technologies, staff, and data must be all aligned and immediately available to whatever member of staff (or automated system) is managing a given customer interaction, transaction, or relationship,” said Infinity Managing Director, Geoff Land

Geoff Land