Case Study -Igloo Vision


Igloo designs, delivers and develops 360° domes and all of the enabling technologies to create unique immersive environment experiences. Headquartered in Shropshire, Igloo also has offices in London, Canada and the USA, with plans for further expansion.

Since its founding in 2008, Igloo has delivered bespoke immersive environments with some of the biggest brands including Hyundai America, Adidas, LG and many more. Igloo’s domes have also been showcased at premiere events such as Ford Performance, as well as the Champions’ League where Adidas took a 6-metre Igloo dome to Wembley.Igloo Vision

Igloo offers a full range of projection spaces from 6-21 metres in diameter, accommodating up to 1000 people. Igloo’s main types of shared VR spaces are projection domes and cylinders. These are available as standard solutions or custom-builds and customers are able to either purchase their own Igloo dome or hire them.

How Midven helped

Midven provides Igloo with expansion and development capital to complete its software development, as well as working alongside executives to identify and target strategic markets.


The Results

In 2017, Igloo announced a +50% growth allowing the company to further recruit an in-house team of 360° specialists. Igloo was also able to expand into North America, allowing the company to better deliver and support their clients. Igloo has a dynamic vision for the future, with plans to create new cinematic gaming experiences.


Igloo CEO Dennis Wright said: “The Midven investment helps us continue to take the company to a whole new level. We can buy more powerful technology, develop new applications, and we can get our message across to more people.”

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