Giovanni Finocchio is an Investment Director on the MEIF West Midlands Equity Fund at Midven. Known to his colleagues as Gio, he is also the Fund Principal for the Early Advantage Fund, where he shares his extensive experience of working in partnership with Business Angels. Gio’s expertise in bridging businesses with the appropriate investors is […]

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Midven explores how SMEs effectively communicate high growth potential to attract investors and take their businesses to the next level. With more than 780,000 businesses across the Midlands, the region forms over one eighth of the UK economy. Amongst them, a burgeoning growth of SMEs that have the potential to grow exponentially with the help […]

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Having been launched in 2018, the Midlands Engine Investment Fund comprises a range of debt and equity funds for SMEs at varying stages in their development from start-up through early growth and into to scale-up. The midpoint of 2019 saw MEIF hit its first significant milestone; having invested £50m into over 150 firms. The year […]

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