At a recent event for our portfolio companies which provided a forum for discussion and sharing of experiences and best practice in the area of selling through resellers, and with a budget looming into view, we thought we’d take the opportunity to ask these businesses a simple question. In the Upcoming Budget, What Could George […]

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Midven Investment Manager Giovanni Finocchio has extensive sales and marketing experience within the SME environment, having held business development and marketing roles in five early stage businesses that were VC and business angel funded and will be sharing his views on a range of sales and marketing related issues faced by early stage and fast […]

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The path of raising finance for the entrepreneur is always a precarious balancing act. As the owner of a company which has made this journey, I fully appreciate the issues that owner-managers face regards debt or equity. Often, it is not a choice of either or but rather which to use at the right time. […]

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