Synthetic biology is a new and exciting cross-disciplinary field that combines engineering approaches and mindsets with chemistry, computing and biological research, allowing scientists to design and engineer organisms to carry out new roles, for example synthesising products not normally found in nature. These approaches could have an impact across a wide range of […]

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Creating a new technology company is an exciting time. It is an opportunity to get a new breakthrough to the market, meeting an unmet health need, improving the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing, or making energy cleaner and greener. However, getting a brand new technology from the bench to the bedside, or to the manufacturing shop floor, […]

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  When we talk about the tech revolution that is currently sweeping the industrialised world, most people tend to think about search engines, tablet computers and smartphone apps. But there’s another exciting area, which has perhaps been little understood so far, that is really starting to come into its own:  synthetic biology. Synthetic biology uses […]

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