Dragons’ Den’s panel of would-be investors may have adopted a cruel and opportunistic tone to boost TV ratings, but drama aside, one can’t deny that the show has cultivated a new generation of entrepreneurs who are quite savvy about what venture capital is – and what it isn’t.  After eleven seasons of the reality show, […]

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I think I’ve reached the age that I can now begin a blog by saying ‘when I was a lad’…. Not so long ago the third world was widely viewed as an immensely impoverished  place, full of people who could barely read, and starvation was a major issue. When I was born in the mid […]

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It’s a question we’ve been pondering due to the fact that so many small innovative companies in the UK struggle to gain acceptance of their products. In fact, it’s a traditional problem – demonstrated by either the high number of UK patents which are exploited commercially overseas, or the number of small UK companies that […]

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