Burgeoning Sectors at the Dawn of this Decade

Roger Wood shares some thoughts about the key sectors that can expect a strong investor interest as a result of recent events.

2020 has been a year of curveballs. As world leaders navigate through the reverberations caused by the most significant global health event of our generation, the economy looks erratic and at points, bleak.

As the UK entered a universal lockdown in March, many businesses were forced to rethink their operations and remote work capabilities. Not long after that came the increase of reported cyber crime attacks. Much of this was largely attributed to remote working, lack of staff training and overwhelmed IT teams. This brought on a surge of demand for more robust cloud computing and cyber security protection for businesses across the UK.

The demand for more sophisticated cyber resilience tools is just the tip of an iceberg. Despite the erratic forecast of the UK economy, there are still opportunities for emerging businesses that can tackle the very real and urgent need for enabling technologies.

As a result, we see the transformation of priorities and demands that create the pathways for innovation to take shape.


Any invention or innovation that can revolutionise user capability, address societal challenges and allow the next evolutionary step in contributing to a sustainable economy can be classified as enabling technology.

Enabling technologies will see a significant growth in the coming year as we race to find solutions for urgent problems in a fast paced world.


Enabling technology does not mean to reinvent the wheel. Some of the most effective enabling technologies can be brought on by the rapid development of derivative technologies within any field.

Key examples as follows;

The evolving face of eCommerce

Last year, Midven invested in online Poundshop to enable the eCommerce site to upgrade their warehouse systems to create new marketing and distribution roles. Since then, the business has increased 340%. Followers of social media celebrity Mrs. Hinch famously crashed the website earlier this year when the influencer shared her £40 haul with her 3.4 million strong instagram audience.

While many factors are at play in the success of Poundshop. The key attribute to their astronomical success was the nationwide lockdown that forced consumers to be a little more resourceful when shopping for their home provisions. Poundshop provided an additional, cost effective option for the nation as big name supermarkets were pulled to their limits during the height of the lockdown.

Emerging demand for more robust digital healthcare solutions

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a clear litmus test for how robust the healthcare system is everywhere. While hospitals had all hands on deck to deal with the rapidly rising cases in the first wave, the limitations of the system became even more evident.

With the advancement of IoT (Internet of Things) and more sophisticated applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technologies in cybersecurity, the infrastructure for digitising medicine and healthcare is already here. The question is, how do we deploy this capability to the most vulnerable in a consistent, user-friendly and secure way? How do we provide more people the ability to receive medical care in their homes, as opposed to a local clinic?

A good example of this is a company Midven invested in 2018, Redditch-based Unique IQ. The company manages end-to-end operation requirements for remote and mobile workforces such as home carer visits. With fully automated processes, the company has increased efficiency and reduced the reliance on paper notes. This has domiciliary care providers to deliver seamless service to those in need.

The race to swift and accurate medical diagnostics

While the race to find a viable vaccination for Covid-19 continues, there is great investment interest in finding good solutions for the pandemic.

Presently, the testing regimen for Covid-19 still remains turbulent and inconsistent. There is great interest in diagnostics that can be deployed in sustainable quantities that can deliver swift and accurate results.

There is also great interest in reliable pathogen/ disease markers. To be able to diagnose a person’s susceptibility towards a certain affliction before the need for a cure or treatment arises.

Midven invested in Linear Diagnostics in 2019. The University of Birmingham spin-out has created a platform that provides multiple diagnoses within a point-of-care environment. This technology has made it possible to deliver rapid, accurate and cost-effective testing without the need for a laboratory.


Midven has worked with numerous emerging and developing businesses that demonstrate high growth potential. A key way to get the foot in the door is to provide a comprehensive business plan that hits the mark with investors.

If you have any queries about the points mentioned above or would like to find out more about the GB EIS Fund or MEIF WM, contact us on enquiries@midven.com or 0121 710 1990. Alternatively, complete our investment form.

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