One of the most satisfying things about working with early stage biotech ventures is helping start-ups execute on their ideas. At Rainbow Seed Fund we invest in scientists with ground breaking technology, who are highly capable on identifying applications but sometimes less familiar with the market and its commercial potential. These issues were highlighted at […]

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At up to £60 a cup, kopi luwak is one of the rarest and most expensive kinds of coffee in the world – it is also one with perhaps the oddest source. The coffee is made out of the beans from partially digested coffee berries that have been eaten and… umm… defecated by Asian palm […]

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    Synthetic biology is a new and exciting cross-disciplinary field that combines engineering approaches and mindsets with chemistry, computing and biological research, allowing scientists to design and engineer organisms to carry out new roles, for example synthesising products not normally found in nature. These approaches could have an impact across a wide range of […]

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