Tim Grasby recently joined Midven as an investment manager to develop its relationship with Harwell Capital,  targeting investment into UK based technology focused business. Having developed a University spin-out business which successfully sourced seed funding to get off the ground Tim also has spent time conducting technical due diligence on funding applications. Through this experience Tim is ideally […]

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The path of raising finance for the entrepreneur is always a precarious balancing act. As the owner of a company which has made this journey, I fully appreciate the issues that owner-managers face regards debt or equity. Often, it is not a choice of either or but rather which to use at the right time. […]

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Everywhere you look at the moment is risk, whether it be political, economic or financial, particular in relation to the ongoing travails within the EU. Venture Capital by definition is risk capital. Venture Capitalists understand and accept risk and as a result look for reasons to invest in business regardless of the economic environment and […]

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