Venture Capital (VC) is considered to be one of the most important sources of funding in the UK economy right now.   According to figures published by KPMG, more than £7.4billion was invested by Venture Capitalists in UK scaleup firms during the first nine months of this year, almost equalling the total £7.6billion that was […]

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      The UK is creating unicorns at a rate of 1 per month, but plenty of other high-quality opportunities are missed as investors chase these hugely valuable listings. Of the 600,000 start-ups founded each year, less than half of these survive longer than 3 years. With a recent report stating that traditional methods […]

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EIS garners record-breaking backing yet again! In our recent blogs, we have been running through the reasons why so many people are choosing to invest their money in the high-risk high-reward Enterprise Investment Scheme. The 30% income tax relief, the potential for tax-free profits (even in excess of capital gains tax allowance), and exemption from […]

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