The average time from initial contact through to indicative offer and then investment depends upon:

  • The amount of time you can invest in the process
  • The quality and completeness of information in the business plan
  • The results of our due diligence

With a well prepared plan and straight-forward due diligence, we would typically expect to complete the transaction within 4 weeks of our formal offer.

Initial Contact (Weeks 0 – 1)

Initial contact may be made by an introduction from your business adviser, by telephoning us directly or by filling out our form.

Assessment (Weeks 2 – 4)

If your application meets our criteria, we will review your business plan and if appropriate, arrange a meeting with you and/or your business adviser. We will then undertake initial due diligence.

Negotiating an Investment (Weeks 4 – 6)

If we wish to proceed, we will provide you with an indicative offer letter which gives details of the terms of a possible investment. If you agree with this, we will seek approval for an investment from our investment committee.

You will be required to make a presentation to our investment committee and answer a range of questions.

Formal Offer Letter (Weeks 6 – 7)

If the investment is approved, we will make you a formal offer subject to contract and ask you to complete a due diligence questionnaire. The formal offer will detail various terms and conditions that need to be satisfied prior to completion.

Legal Process (Weeks 7 – 11)

If you accept our offer, we will prepare legal documentation including the Shareholders Agreement, amendments to the Articles of Association and Directors Service agreements.

Due Diligence (Weeks 7 – 11)

Simultaneously with the preparation of the legal documents, we will undertake further due diligence including gathering references, carrying out an accounting investigation and market reports if appropriate.

Completion (Week 12)

Legal completion with funds invested.

The timetable above is purely indicative and will vary from transaction to transaction. No investment is the same and in some cases may take longer or shorter to complete than indicated. In exceptional circumstance, our short reporting lines mean we can move extremely quickly.

We will always keep you informed as to where you are in our process. If at any stage we decide not to proceed, then we will let you know as soon as possible.

If you’d like to find out where you are in our investment process, please contact us.

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