Igloo Vision

Igloo is a provider of immersive 360-degree digital projection environments using graphics, live feed, video or animated audio visuals customised to customer requirements.

Igloo Vision



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Associated Fund Exceed Partnership Fund

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Igloo Vision 360° Domes Showcased on The Gadget Show

TV Programme Highlights Ground-breaking Innovations in 360° Visualisation, Simulation and Surround-sound Experiences London and Craven…

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Igloo Vision opens offices in North America

The UK-based shared VR company Igloo Vision has announced its has opened operations in...

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Igloo Vision Expands Immersive VR Service to US

Shropshire, UK-based virtual reality (VR) company Igloo Vision has opened operations in both the...

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Igloo Vision takes shared VR experience to the US

Igloo Vision, the Shropshire-based shared virtual reality (VR) company, has opened operations in both...

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